Gregor Santner

Austrian software engineer, sysadmin, photographer and student

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Gregor Santner and this is my personal blog with main topics Android, Linux & Open Source. I’m currently studying Software Engineering @FH Hagenberg. I’m also maintainer of many Open Source projects, mostly Android apps.

You can contact me by Email, Matrix or any other service listed in the contact section.

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If you need more informations about my work or myself, please feel free to contact me at any time.

PGP: 0xB33D7447D23B15BF
Matrix: gsantner
Keybase: gsantner
GitHub: gsantner
GitLab: gsantner
IRC: gsantner[m], gsantner @freenode

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Projects and publications

Here are some public available projects I contributed to, maintained or developed. My publications are too listed here.
Listed on this page:
Bachelor thesis Markor MemeTastic dandelion* Froody OpenLauncher Kimai Android XPrivacyAppInfo

Bachelor thesis

Veröffentlichung von Open Source Software anhand einer Android App

Blog Post / Download


Markdown Texteditor for notes and files. Simple and lightweight.
📝 Write down notes and ideas
🖍 Edit textfiles in markdown format
📚 Notebook in Documents or custom folder
📖 Notebook with subfolder support
📄 Edit markdown files from other apps
👀 Preview rendered markdown
🔲 Dark and Light theme
📜 Allows to set language other than system setting

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Simple Meme Creator which allows to download most common templates. Completly ad-free, and adds no watermarks.
Memes can be created from templates downloaded from the MemeTastic archive, from pictures shared into the app and pictures from gallery & camera.

There are many meme customization options available:
😄 Top & bottom caption
😃 Font & border text color
😁 Text size, font and capitalization
😃 Padding size & color
😜 Rotate picture

More Features:
👓 Show favorites & saved memes
👉 Share into any app accepting pictures

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A client for the community-run, distributed social network diaspora*.
It adds useful features to your networking experience:

⚡ Quick access to most diaspora* features
👉 Share content to and from the app
🌎 Proxy support
📰 In-app-browser to view articles
🎨 Customizeable colors
🌆 Night/AMOLED mode
🈴 Localized in many languages
✔️ Allows system independent language

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🍎 Lets you share (mainly naturally growing) food to others
🍒 Intended to use in the local area - zoom in to your location and look for entries
🍐 The main idea is to share to and help other people by e.g. sharing pears, which would rot anyway if unused
🌽 Everyone can add entries (and delete them), no login needed
🍇 Entries will be available 60 days
🍅 Available in 18 languages and more to come

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Open source Android launcher project, started from scratch. The aim is to create a powerful and community driven launcher for Android.


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Kimai Android

Client for the time managment software Kimai. This app makes mobile tracking and logging into your kimai existing installation easier. If you want to be auto logged in after application start check the appropiate box.

Usually you have to open your browser, open bookmarks, click your kimai page, input data, press login, and then start tracking. Now you only have to do the last step every time you want to add entries.

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XPrivacy Button in App Info

This module adds a XPrivacy button to every app in App Info page.
When the XPrivacy button gets clicked, XPrivacy will be started in configuration mode for the app.
You can find more informations about XPrivacy at their GitHub repo.

GitHub  XPosed Repo

Support me

If you like my work or just want to spend me a coke, consider a small appreciation via bitcoin: 1B9ZyY dQoY9B xMe9dR UEKaZb JWsbQq fXU5


Currently I am mostly developing things with C++, Java, or Bash. As my main desktop OS is based on Linux I always try to build things crossplatform. On the mobile side my main focus is on Android. I am also working a lot on servers and development services, here I use serveral languages/frameworks mostly combined with Bash scripts. For embedded/IOT development I mostly work with Atmel or ARM based platforms (Arduino, AVR, Raspberry Pi, i.MX, ..).

Here are some more platforms, frameworks, services and technologies I used for development: