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Changelog for v1.2.1

App release: dandelior

  • Added an (rebranded) flavor of dandelion: dandelior
  • Only differenties in use are other (black) icon and AMOLED colors by default enabled
  • Already available on F-Droid

New features:


  • Sometimes the Stream went white, which is due an still (>3 years) unfixed Android Support library bug. It should not occur very often anymore due less use of fragments.


  • Various small tweaks
  • Updated translation files

Project summary

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play (dandelior) Get it on GitHub

dandelion* is a client for the community-run, distributed social network diaspora*. It is Open Source and licensed under GNU General Public License Version 3.



A client for the community-run, distributed social network diaspora*.
It adds useful features to your networking experience:

⚡ Quick access to most diaspora* features
🎨 Customize everything to own preferences
👉 Share content from and to the app
🌎 Proxy support (Tor/Orbot supported)
📰 In-app-browser to view articles
🌆 Dark/AMOLED mode available
🈴 Available in many languages
#️⃣Browse tags and aspects

🈯 Use in any language that the app is translated in - for example in German but have English as system language.

🔐 Looking for a pod to register? The app lists many pods with more being listed at

🍻 Multiple accounts: You can use dandelion* and dandelior* to use two accounts at the same time on one device. They use a different icon and other default colors.

🌍 Notice: The app uses the Android WebView component to display contents of diaspora* pods in the mobile view. For missing features and bugs in mobile view, ask at diaspora* bugtracker.

More information:
Project Blog | diaspora* FAQ

Support the project:
Translate using Stringlate | Join discussion on Matrix | Contribution information | Android Contribution Guide | Support main developer

Project posts

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