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Today marks the release of the Markor v1.5 update! The update is already available for download on GitHub and soon on F-Droid!

Multiple windows, keep screen on

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New general settings options arrived! You can find them under the following settings sections:

  • General -> Multiple windows: Open a separate window for each document! Easily switch between multiple documents to quickly get needed information! Each window is a full editor with separate editor settings and format selection. Requires Android 5 or higher, activated by default.
  • General -> Keep screen on: Do not turn off the screen automatically.

    New Textactions

    Showcase 1

  • Markdown GFM tasks: Use the new task textaction to convert the current line to a task! If the line is already a task you toggle between done and todo.
  • Insert image: Add pictures to your document. Easy access to pictures from gallery and camera! You can also browse your drive! Optionally edit the picture with an installed graphics app.
  • Color picker: Add color to your texts! Choose between setting the forground or background color. You can also add only the hex color code. The newly added color picker is also used in new theming functionalities
  • Sort tasks: Try the new sort button for your todo list! Easy sort your todo alphabetically by selected order.

All new ‘new file’ dialog

Showcase 2

  • Create new file
    • Create new files now from the Notebook
    • Choose between filename presets. Want to write a Jekyll blog post? Markor has you covered.
    • Full customizeable filename and file extension.
    • Moved ‘New folder’ from the toolbar-dropdown aswell. Enter the foldername in the first (left) text line and press ‘Folder’ to create it. The right text line (extension) is not used in this case.
    • More features to be added…!
    • Notice: Removed file move / rename within text editor. Use the new dialog for new files, otherwise the rename option. Long press one document in the Notebook to get the Rename option in the toolbar!
  • Pull down to refresh:
    • Refresh list of documents by pulling down the list at ‘Notebook’.
    • Replaces the ‘refresh’ action in the minimized toolbar section.

New theming options: Color scheme, Auto theme

Showcase 3

  • Editor -> Basic color scheme: Select between predefined colors or use your own. Change the default textcolor and the background color at the editor. You can always return to the defaults by selecting the Markor preset.
  • App theme: Use the new Auto option to automatically switch between themes based on the time of day. Always crisp at work and easy on eyes after work. New app installations use Auto as default.


New features:

  • App-wide
    • Settings option: Keep screen on
    • Add popular documents to ‘share into’
    • Add ‘Auto’ theme, switch light/dark theme by current hour
    • Support for Chrome Custom Tabs
  • Editor
    • Open multiple Windows
    • Settings options for editor background and foreground color
    • todo.txt: Highlight multiple levels of context/projects (@@/++)
    • Start document at the recent cursor position (jump to bottom on new documents and at special files)
    • Enable link highlighting in plaintext format (especially easier to distinguish title and links in linkbox)
  • Document browser
    • Completly new ‘New file’ dialog
  • Text Actions
    • Sort todo.txt files
    • Tasks support in Markdown
    • Add zero-width space character to ‘special characters’
    • Add color picker
    • Markdown: Long press image adds img-src with max-height
    • Long press ‘Special key’ jumps to top/bottom
    • Long press ‘Open external’ opens content search
    • Don’t list empty lines in simple search
    • Edit picture supports now relative filepaths too
    • Show import dialog for selected pictures too (like in file selection)


  • Document browser
    • Replace ‘Reload button’ with pull down to refresh
    • Added ‘Last modified’ to File information dialog
  • Editor
    • Added greenscale basic editor colors
    • More space for document title
    • Harden automatic file naming and moving
  • Representation
    • Set inital background color before loading document
    • Math/KaTex: Show inline when single dollar is used
    • Enable block rendering for KaTex (math)
    • Performance improvement for TOC & Math - only use when text contains headers/math
    • Markdown: Underline h2 too (like h1, more common for two levels)
    • ToDo: Add alternative naming for contexts/projects
  • TextActions
    • Markdown: Multiline textaction for header/quote/list
  • App-wide
    • Natural scrolling in dialogs


  • Filesystem
    • Discard selection when leaving filesystem view

Project summary

Get it on F-Droid Get it on GitHub

Markor is a TextEditor for Android. This project aims to make an editor that is versatile, flexible, and lightweight. Markor utilizes simple markup formats like Markdown and todo.txt for note-taking and list management. Markor is versatile at working with text, it can also be used for keeping bookmarks, copying to clipboard, fast opening a link from text and lots of more. Created files are interoptable with any other plaintext software on any platform.Markor is using open formats and is free software, openly developed and accepts community contributions.