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The Markor v1.7 update was released today! The update is already available for download on GitHub and F-Droid!

Continue to read to find out what’s new, improved or fixed with this update.


App Shortcuts

(left screenshot) Use the new App Shortcuts feature to quickly open one of the special documents or a recent document. Long press one of the options to add the shortcut directly to your launcher desktop!

Did you know that you can create a launcher desktop shortcut for any document? Press the share button while a document is open and select the Create shortcut option.

The feature requires at least Android Nougat (v7.1). You can’t use App Shortcuts on older Android versions. The traditional launcher shortcut option works on any Android version!

(right screenshot) Refer to other documents using the WikiLink syntax (known from Wikipedia & Mediawiki).
The screenshot shows some ways how you can refer to other documents and files, using Markdown and WikiLink syntax.

Important: Automatic file extension detection is only available for text documents (*.md, *.txt). Add the extension (like .jpg/.pdf) for all other file types!


When sharing links from your browser to Markor, they are now automatically converted to Markdown syntax! This feature requires that your (browser) app sets the link and text attribute separately (yes, it works with Firefox, Chrome).

On new installations, LinkBox is now a file in Markdown format named This allows you to easily browse links with title only, without distracting http urls. Just switch to the representation/preview mode!

As shared links default to Markdown syntax, just share to LinkBox and browse distraction free without changing anything!

Migration: If you want to migrate your existing plaintext linkbox, just rename your linkbox.txt to and change the filepath settings option. Restart Markor for changes to take effect.

(third screenshot) Often request and now available: LinkBox is now listed in the main navigation too!

Did you know that you can press the open in external app/browser button to open the link in a different app?
Just touch (place the cursor) at or after the link you want to open. The link before or at to the current cursor will be opened, you can but don’t need to click directly at the link beginning or ending.

This functionality is available for any document in any format.
It is also available at Share Into, so you can replace Open Link With / open shared link kind of apps with Markor.

Custom Fonts


Load additional fonts

You can now add custom fonts to Markor!

Custom fonts do change the default text appearance in edit & representation mode. They work just as normal fonts do, but you need to install for them to appear.

Install font: Copy font to one of these locations:

  • Markor-Notebook/.app/fonts/
  • /storage/emulated/0/Fonts/
  • /sdcard/Fonts/

Select font: Settings option at Editor -> Document Editor Font

  • 1: System (default) fonts are always listed on top.
    • The default option is Roboto Regular (sans-serif-regular)
  • 2/3: Custom fonts are listed below system fonts. The font name is taken from the filename. To identify the correct font the absolute path is shown as well. Custom fonts are ordered as listed in _Install font__
  • 4: Bundled fonts

Bundled fonts

Markor comes now bundled with some additional common fonts (free & open license only):

FontAlternative toKnown from
DejaVu SansLinux desktop, Firefox
Roboto SlabGoogle Keep
Liberation MonoCourier NewMicrosoft Wordpad
Liberation SansArialGoogle Docs
Liberation SerifTimes New RomanPrevious default Microsoft Word font
You can expect the following fonts to be added in a minor patch:
Open SansCalibriDefault Microsoft Word font
DejaVu Sans MonoLinux terminals (=Monospaced)

New settings options


Document browser --> App start tabSelect which tab should be selected when starting Markor.
Editor -> Document Editor FontSelect which font should be used at edit/representation mode
Representation -> Swipe to change modeWhether or not the mode should be changed to the opposite (edit/representation) when swiping to left or right.


  • Improved app color theme for better readability
  • Load custom fonts from file
    • Markor bundles 5 additional open fonts
    • Copy custom fonts to folder: ‘Notebook/.app/fonts/’
  • Links shared from e.g. browsers are automatically converted to Markdown syntax if possible
  • LinkBox is now listed on the main view bottom bar
  • LinkBox defaults on new installations to as filename
  • Default to last used date/time format at dialog
  • Apply todo.txt format only for .txt files
  • L/R Swipe in edit/representation mode to change mode
  • Open link textaction: Don’t include trailing ‘)’ in parsed URL, which is common for markdown
  • Added App Shortcuts, requires Android 7.1+
  • Markdown: Enable WikiLink style to reference [[file]] relative
  • Strip #ref from URL in representation to determine if another file should be opened on click
  • Option to set app start tab (Notebook / ToDo / QuickNote / LinkBox / More)

Notice: The latest development changelog is always available here.

Project summary

Get it on F-Droid Get it on GitHub

Markor is a TextEditor for Android. This project aims to make an editor that is versatile, flexible, and lightweight. Markor utilizes simple markup formats like Markdown and todo.txt for note-taking and list management. Markor is versatile at working with text, it can also be used for keeping bookmarks, copying to clipboard, fast opening a link from text and lots of more. Created files are interoptable with any other plaintext software on any platform.Markor is using open formats and is free software, openly developed and accepts community contributions.