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MemeTastic v1.6 update is out! Get the update now from GitHub or F-Droid!
Continue reading to find out what’s new, improved and fixed in this update.


Create Memes faster

When you start editing a picture, the editor will now automatically select the top caption. This means the keyboard shows up immediately and you can start right away to enter text for the top caption.


The app uses a brown-black as primary color now, which improves readability and recognizability of components and texts a lot compared to the previous blue color.


Apply Text settings to all captions

This is a new checkbox option inside the meme editor controls. When checked, all text settings are synced between all captions (size, font, colors etc.). It is checked by default and can be disabled in case you want to have e.g. different sizes for all captions.

Search replaces Tabs in Meme Template list

Previously the meme template list contained a tabbed view for groups of templates. There is already bottom navigation and search for template tags/categories so tabs were obsole and thus removed.

New Features

Rotation gesture for Image Viewer

The image viewer (created images & original unedited image) now supports a simple rotation gesture. The image viewer now support pinch to zoom, image movement and rotation.

The rotation happens on 90 degree steps and is applied only for the currently viewed image till closed.

Use MemeTastic as Image Viewer

There is a new toolbar menu option at meme editor to view the (untouched) original image.

Together with the new Rotation gesture for Image Viewer, you can use MemeTastic as a simple & lightweight picture viewer. (Without saving any images)

The image viewer uses full width & height of the screen and has complete black background.

List of sites for Meme Templates and Funny Images

MemeTastic now contains a list of links to sites with Meme Templates and Funny Images. You can show the list and get to these sites using the »Help« option in the bottom navigation »More« section.

You can suggest sites here if you are missing something.

Privacy: MemeTastic - your true Offline app

MemeTastic has no Internet permission, hence it can’t communicate with any network. There is no tracking, calling-home or picture upload in MemeTastic.

Use the share button to send edited images to other apps. You can also use any gallery/file manager app to view MemeTastic created images.

(This info was not included in any update blog post yet.)


Notice: Development changelog is always available from GitHub. See the commit history for code changes.

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Project summary

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Simple Meme Creator For Android. Completly ad-free, and adds no watermarks. Memes can be created from image templates in MemeTastic pictures folder, from pictures shared into the app and pictures from gallery & camera. No internet connection required or used.