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This page helps you to get started using file synchronization with Syncthing and Markor as your favourite file editor of choice. Required applications are Syncthing (Desktop & Android) and Markor (Android).

Quick Guide

Syncthing is a protocol to sync files between your devices, with implementations for various platforms. Unlike other (even open source) sync and backup solutions, it does not require complex server setup or dependence on 3rd parties. According to their website:

Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third party and how it’s transmitted over the Internet.

To start off, install Syncthing and set up a shared folder. More info on how to do that here.

Then, all you need to do is tell Marker where to look for and save files:

  • Go to Markor’s main screen and swipe to More
  • Open Settings -> General -> Notebook
  • Select the folder you sync with Syncthing (The Syncthing app tells you the default path)

Detailed Guide

I use Syncthing - both on my desktop (Linux Debian) and on Android phone (Xiaomi Redmi 4x). Open source, privacy (my data doesn’t get to the third party), etc.

I use both with local networks settings (syncing by local home wifi) since in the recent past I didn’t have mobile internet, so I connect desktop (firefly at and phone (redmi 4x new at

I prefer keep separate folder for texts (~/text at desktop, and ~/text aka /storage/emulated/0/text at phone), because syncthing sync little text files lightning fast - without having to wait for all other (big) files to be synchronized.

For desktop linux I install syncthing by default repo (sudo apt install syncthing), start it and set it up via browser interface ( I use “homebrew” selftuned Openbox install, so syncthing run at start via ~/.config/openbox/ (added there (syncthing -no-browser) &).

For android phone I get syncthing from and connect it with desktop.

Rarely I may get version conflict, but syncthing keep both version of files (see at screenshot) and I just use vimdiff.


So far - 143 files inside ~/text :)

Additional information


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Project summary

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Markor is a TextEditor for Android. This project aims to make an editor that is versatile, flexible, and lightweight. Markor utilizes simple markup formats like Markdown and todo.txt for note-taking and list management. Markor is versatile at working with text, it can also be used for keeping bookmarks, copying to clipboard, fast opening a link from text and lots of more. Created files are interoptable with any other plaintext software on any platform.Markor is using open formats and is free software, openly developed and accepts community contributions.

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