Recent changes in the Markor project:

  • Editor::Option to disable red underline of spellchecker
  • Editor::Limit history size to improve performance
  • Preview::Support UTF8 local file references in preview mode
  • More file managers and sync clients supported (notable addition: seafile)
  • TextModule-Action:: Decrease action padding - place for more action
  • TextModule-Action:: Add ‘delete line’ for all editor formats
  • TextModule-Action:: Add ‘open link in browser’ to all editor formats
  • Share into:: Add LinkBox option

About the Markor project [Android, Java]

Text Editor for Notes, ToDo & Bookmarks. Simple and lightweight.
📝 Write down notes and ideas
🖍 Edit text documents with simple markup formats
🖍 Supports markdown and todo.txt
🖍 Highlighting and modular text actions
📚 Notebook in Documents or custom folder
📖 Notebook with subfolder support
📄 Edit documents from other apps
👀 Preview rendered markup
↪️ Share into QuickNote - Pocket/Read-it-Later alternative
↪️ Share into To-Do - Wunderlist alternative
↪️ Share into Clipboard - without a seperate clipboard app
🔲 Dark and Light theme
📜 Allows to set language other than system setting

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