Welcome to my personal blog!

I am doing software development in many areas, with my main fields of experience being cross-platform software (C++/Qt), Android apps (native), Linux & DevOps (Bash/Python/Ruby, Docker, ...).

Open Source is one of my passions -- I am a developer and maintainer of many open projects and regularly start contributing to additional ones. Support me on my mission! My other favourite activities include photography and being outdoor as much as possible. I am too volunteering at the local fire department. I went to school at HTL Braunau (Electronics / Software Engineering & Mobile Computing), studied at FH Hagenberg (Mobile Computing) and work currently at Felgo.

Markor v2.2 update is out! Get the update from F-Droid, Google Play or GitHub!
Continue reading to find out what’s new, improved and fixed in this update.

Create Presentations with Markor & Markdown

Markor makes creating presentation slides with plaintext faster & easier than ever.
Presentations can be exported & shared as PDF & HTML. This means you can create & prepare for presentations fast with Markor, open it on a PC or share it via E-Mail & WhatsApp.

The example presentation (as seen in the video) is bundled with Markor. Press the + button at the file browser to create a new file, select the presentation-beamer.md template and you get the whole Abed Nadir presentation.
It’s the easiest way to start your presentation as most common slide styles are included. (Like custom slide background color & image, centered image, bullet points, title only slides, ..)

Excerpt of the presentation, includes information about the syntax:

class: beamer

# Cool presentation

## Abed Nadir

{{ post.date_today }}

## Slide title

1. All Markdown features of Markor are **supported** for Slides too
2. Start new slides with 3 more hyphens (---) separated by empty lines
3. End last slide with hyphens too
4. Slide backgrounds can be configured using CSS, for all and individual slides
5. Print / PDF export in landscape mode
6. Create title only slides (like first slide) by starting the slide (line after ---) with "# title"

## Slide with centered image
* Images can be centered by adding 'imghcenter' in alt text & grown to page size with 'imgbig'
* Example: `![text imghcenter imgbig text](a.jpg)`

![imghcenter imgbig](file:///android_asset/img/flowerfield.jpg)


Audio Recording / Voice Notes

Add voice notes to your documents (all formats)! You can find the audio recording option in the attachment menu.

Highest priority: Privacy!
Audio recording is always started and stopped manually by the user!
Audio recording requires the audio recording permission, it must be granted before recording can start.

  • Play the recording prior to saving with the left button
  • Starts and stop audio recording with the right button. If you did a spelling error and want to re-record just press the record button again. Only the last recording will be added to the document
  • Markor will suggest a time based filename for saving but you can choose any filename (*.wav) you want
  • Markor inserts the audio recording with HTML syntax. You can listen to it at Markor’s View Mode

Create Markdown tables fast

There is now a easy way to add tables to your Markdown documents!
Use the new editor table button to add tables!

  • Long press the table button to start a table (=create table header)
  • Short press the table button to add a new row to the table
  • You can choose the amount of columns as you wish. Max 5 recommended.
  • The last used column count is highlighted

Notice: Markdown tables must always have a header (---|---|---). If you don’t need the header text, remove the line above the header ( | | ).

Other new features, enhancements & bugfixes

Notice: Development changelog is always available from GitHub. See the commit history for code changes.

  • Added Presentations & Slides with Markdown
  • Added audio recording dialog which allows to add voice to documents. Manual interaction required to start & stop voice recording. Voice recording permission required for this feature
  • Added editor button to create Markdown tables
  • Markdown Footnotes support added
  • Added attachment button for all formats (insert color, link, image, file, audio, date)
  • Date/Time button long press now inserts text with last used format
  • Improved SD Card reading & writing
  • Added option to File-import-dialog to import to notebook instead of current folder
  • Reordered editor buttons so global actions are on same position at all formats
  • Source code highlighting for View mode
  • Added settings option to enable experimental features
  • New experimental feature: Convert epub to plaintext and replace current text with ebook
  • New experimental feature: Speed Reading for (text from) edit mode
  • New Special Keys option: Indent / Deindent current line
  • Copy textfile to clipboard from file browser
  • Added highlighting todo.txt due dates
  • Long press the todo.txt date button to insert due date
  • Sepia editor theme

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Markor v2.1 update is out! Get the update now from Google Play, GitHub or F-Droid!
Continue reading to find out what’s new, improved and fixed in this update.

New features, enhancements & bugfixes in this release

  • Improved editor, highlighting and overall performance
  • New file dialog: Templates
  • New format: KeyValue - highlighting for json, ini, csv, yaml, vcard, ics, toml and other simple key-value like syntax
  • Long click on main view plus button -> open favourites/recents
  • Use lightweight Markdown heading highlighting on non-highend devices
  • Show SD Card dialog when opening file that is under SAF
  • Share: Rename PDF -> Print/PDF
  • Text action to sort todo by date
  • Keep view mode scroll position
  • Remove LinkBox from main screen to improve performance
  • Make filesystem selection dialog fill screen
  • Rework share into: Use file browser to select favourite/recent/popular files
  • Special keys added: Insert page break for PDF/Printing, ohm key, punctation mark arrows
  • Append linefeed on end when saving
  • Show error when trying to rename to existing file/folder
  • Add special handling for percent encoded filenames in nextcloud/owncloud folder
  • Link ‘More->Help’ to Project website FAQ
  • Debug Log settings option
  • Improve local/linked file opening when clicking link at preview
  • Add option to set font size in view mode
  • Share (multiple) files from file browser
  • PlaintextConverter: Put HTML into preview as is (allow to view html files)
  • Fix folder title not visible sometimes
  • Enable hex color highlighting for various prefix/postfixes (like colon, quote, …)

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This a copy of the blog post Using Markor to Write (and More) on an Android Device, first published at The Plain Text Project blog on 16. July 2019 by Scott Nesbitt. The post content is licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. ‘I’ and ‘me’ refers to the original author. Minor edits were done compared to the original post (references to LinkBox removed).

I have something of a like/dislike relationship with smartphones and tablet. On one hand, they can be very useful for getting some work done. Especially writing. And not having to lug a laptop around is a bonus.

On the other hand, smartphones and tablets can distract us from our lives. And they further blur the already blurry line between life and work. Because we can work from anywhere doesn’t mean we should.

As I wrote a couple of paragraphs ago, smartphones and tablets can be very useful when you need to do a little work. In my case, that work is usually writing. To do that, I need an editor.

Over the years, I’ve used a number of editors with a number of Android-powered devices. Right my, my editor of choice is Markor.

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