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Help by improving my projects

Help is needed most importantly in development (as in source code) of the open source projects which are maintained by me. Other forms of contribution forms are e.g. in the fields bug-reporting, localization, design (UI), usability (UX), testing.
For some contribution types little to no technical experience is needed, everybody has an opinion on things, so give it a try :). Feedback is always welcome.

Here are some useful guides and tools:

Give feedback

Everybody is happy about some form of thank you, you did something great alike message. Even better if it includes meaningful feedback - where criticism is worth a lot, to find out what needs to be improved.
Very appreciated are blog and social media posts too - e.g. on your blog, diaspora*, mastodon, .. :).

You can contact me via anything listed in the Contact section - preferably E-Mail or Matrix. Other places to give feedback are GitHub (Issues, Stars, Following) and Google Play.

You can donate to organizations I do, did or wanted to support myself. Follow the instructions on the respective donation sites, if not available or there is some open question use provided contact information. I am and will not be connected with your transactions/donations to those organizations in any means. If you do donate, maybe leave me a short message you did so and I will be happy to have helped others by this way.

Österreichisches Rotes KreuzAustrian red cross
LebenshilfeHelp other people
DiakoniewerkHelp other people
Pfotenhilfe LochenHelp animals
Vier PfotenHelp animals
Freiwillige Feuerwehr MauerkirchenLocal volunteer fire department
Electronic Frontier FoundationDefend Privacy and Free Speech
Save the childrenHelp the youngest
F-DroidFree your droid
Humble BundleDonate to various organizations

Looking for a present?

If you are from nearby and look for some present, here’s my Amazon Wishlish, maybe you can get an idea what I am looking for.

Open-Source Community Notice

If you did support me in some way or plan to do so, note that this in no way means that I will develop or work on specific issues, tasks or wishes. I do develop Open-Source Software during leisure time, for free and whenever I have enough time, energy and motivation for it.
There are two things that you can help me out: time and motivation. This is the place where you can find out how to do that. Note though that this page is also here for people knowing me outside of Open-Source and the Web.
Short: You cannot donate any money to me.

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