Welcome to my personal blog!

I am doing software development in many areas, with my main fields of experience being cross-platform software (C++/Qt), Android apps (native), Linux & DevOps (Bash/Python/Ruby, Docker, ...).

Open Source is one of my passions -- I am a developer and maintainer of many open projects and regularly start contributing to additional ones. Support me on my mission! My other favourite activities include photography and being outdoor as much as possible. I am too volunteering at the local fire department. I went to school at HTL Braunau (Electronics / Software Engineering & Mobile Computing), studied at FH Hagenberg (Mobile Computing) and work currently at Felgo.

Markor v2.3 update is out! Get the update from F-Droid, Google Play or GitHub!
Continue reading to find out what’s new, improved and fixed in this update.


Markdown: Table of Contents in Edit Mode

Table of contents were already supported at Markdown view mode since quite some time (optional setting).
A similar functionality is now available for Markdown Edit Mode too.
Tap the filename at the toolbar to open the Outline (see screenshot below).
You get a quick overview what the document contains, and it’s the fastest way to jump to a specific sections of your text & make edits.

Editor: Custom action button order

Frequently requested: To be able to order the action buttons for text editing in a order that fits own workflow.
You can now order all actions as you wish and separately per format (Markdown, todo.txt, Plaintext).
To change the order open the settings, select the format to customize and in the “Action Order” menu you are able to freely move options.

Project community

Markor gets a lot of new features, improvements and fixes with every update.
This time especially due Harshad Srinivasans hard work. Thank you very much!

More information


Notice: Development changelog is always available from GitHub. See the history for code changes.

  • Add action to Move current selected line(s)/cursor text up/down
  • Add settings option for View-Mode link color
  • Improve table of contents - add border, disable underline
  • Long press toolbar to jump to top/bottom (edit & view mode)
  • Add search to View Mode
  • Accessibility improvements & Talkback support
  • Allow http protocol on Android>=9
  • Telegram file edit support
  • Markdown: Normal sized headers by default, increases performance
  • Disable highlighting on big files to improve edit performance
  • Don’t sort non-document files in third group
  • Add Accordion (Click to expand) example and add action button
  • Tooltips for action buttons
  • For index.html files, show foldername at favourites/recents
  • todo.txt: Set completition date also when there is no creation date
  • Markdown: Configurable unordered list character
  • Custom order of action buttons
  • Markdown: Add alternative more performant heading highlighting
  • Fix foldername in Main toolbar not reloaded
  • Plaintext: Add extensions for AsciiDoc (.adoc), OrgMode (.org), Ledger (.dg .ledger), Diff (.diff .patch)
  • Remember last used file extension for new file creation
  • todo.txt: Preselect last used archive file by default for archiving
  • Markdown: Long press code to insert code block
  • todo.txt: Improved task sort functionalities
  • Add action button to expand selection of cursror to whole line
  • Markdown: Add Table of contents / Outline for Edit mode (Press toolbar)
  • Vertical Scrollbar now draggable at view & edit mode
  • todo.txt: Date&Time selection dialogs
  • Markdown: Auto update ordered list numbers

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Since over a month my XMPP account is targeted by spammers.
Due that I’m moving on to a different XMPP ID I might announce later.

Note: Neither my account nor any chats or their keys are compromised.


  • Messages are mostly short, greetings in Eastern European & Russian languages
  • At least one new JID per hour initiates a chat, sometimes more frequently
  • Some messages start with exploit and credit card
  • Bots are seemingly aware they get blocked/ignored (“cannot write to you, everytime get errors”)
  • There is heavy interest in getting personal contact and presence information / that a contact request gets accepted

Dear reader and XMPP user, did you experience something similar recently? Let me know and join the discussion below!

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About the bundle

A big deal landed recently on the indie game platform itch.io, the “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality”.
It contains whopping 743 paid indie games at small cost (at the time of writing, more to come).

You can get the bundle here. (Note: No “referal” link or alike)

What is the issue?

When you buy the bundle the contents don’t get automatically added to your library, due itch.io’s recent change.
You might forget about the bundle and the games you payed for. Also unclaimed items don’t show up in your library in the desktop client or web dashboard. So it’s best to claim them.

2020-06-11: Note from itch team - they are totally aware of the situation. Please patiently wait and don’t ask, they are working on it. Thanks!

Note: We will be updating this page soon, we know it’s difficult to navigate so many games. We know you want a button to add show everything in your library. No need to reach out. Any new games added to the bundle will automatically show up here. Thanks!

A solution

  1. On your computer, open a browser (i.e. Firefox/Chrome), login at itchio
  2. Open the bundle page you got via email, which looks like this https://itch.io/bundle/download/sOmEKeYisHere?
  3. Open browser development tools and paste:
if(!window.location.toString().includes("/bundle/download")){window.history.back()}if(document.forms[3]){document.forms[3].children[2].click()}else{document.getElementsByClassName("next_page button")[0].click()};

Now press enter on your keyboard, press up, press enter, press up … repeat till no game page opens up anymore.
This way you will claim all games on the current page, do this for all pages of the bundle.

Note that the best solution would be: Itch adds a “claim all” option, but all can be done is ask & wait for it. Whether they add “claim all” or not, the solution of this post works.
Otherwise you would need to click every single game yourself, go back, scroll down and find next, click again and again..

Automated claiming (Linux command line)

How to make it even more easy:
With shell command below you can automatically claim repeatedly without interaction.
As with everything you paste in developer tools and shells, know what you do and you are responsible for your own actions.

while [ 1 ] ; do sleep 2; xdotool key Up; sleep 0.1; xdotool key Return; done

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