Welcome to my personal blog with main topics Android, Linux & Open Source!

I am doing software development in many areas, with my main fields of experience being cross-platform software (C++/Qt) and Android apps (native). In development teams I'm usually responsible for managing development services, setting up CI/CD jobs (usually paired with Bash/Python/Ruby scripts) and keeping everything uptodate.

Open Source is one of my passions -- I am a developer and maintainer of many open projects and regularly start contributing to additional ones. Support me on my mission! My other favourite activities include photography and being outdoor as much as possible. I am too volunteering at the local fire department. I went to school at HTL Braunau (Electronics / Software Engineering & Mobile Computing) and studied Mobile Computing at FH Hagenberg. I'm employed at Felgo as software engineer.
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Changelog for v1.2.1

App release: dandelior

  • Added an (rebranded) flavor of dandelion: dandelior
  • Only differenties in use are other (black) icon and AMOLED colors by default enabled
  • Already available on F-Droid

New features:


  • Sometimes the Stream went white, which is due an still (>3 years) unfixed Android Support library bug. It should not occur very often anymore due less use of fragments.


  • Various small tweaks
  • Updated translation files

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Kodi is a media player which can be installed on your computer, on your phone and also on your Raspberry Pi! It is free & open source software and available at kodi.tv.

Kodi features a special action to quickly play random media called PartyMode. PartyMode starts playback immediately with random tracks out of the music library. The action accepts either music or video as parameter. Unfortunately video is not working at all, so it’s not possible to play random videos with the PartyMode feature.

If you have the goal to play random videos (movies, series, episodes) or music with Kodi, here you can find a solution. You will be able to start random playback from a remote client, shell or within Kodi itself. Kodi has a feature called Smart Playlists which allows to create a solution that is superior to a simple PartyMode for videos.

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To be honest – this is a static site without any fonts, javascript or css loaded externally.
I use and write posts to be published on this site mainly offline, so it is important that all works here too.

No analytics library or any other tracker gets loaded when you visit this blog. Hence this blog doesn’t and can’t keep records of anything you do here.

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Recent changes in the Markor project:

  • Editor::Option to disable red underline of spellchecker
  • Editor::Limit history size to improve performance
  • Preview::Support UTF8 local file references in preview mode
  • More file managers and sync clients supported (notable addition: seafile)
  • TextModule-Action:: Decrease action padding - place for more action
  • TextModule-Action:: Add ‘delete line’ for all editor formats
  • TextModule-Action:: Add ‘open link in browser’ to all editor formats
  • Share into:: Add LinkBox option

New features:

  • Recently viewed documents
    • Start editing of recent documents, button in the toolbar of main view
    • Allow sharing into recend documents
    • Queue containing the 10 last viewed files
  • Keep scroll position when reloading document list (Notebook)
  • Document/File Info: Dialog showing information about selected file
    • Openable at main views toolbar when one item is selected


  • Overall better performance
    • Faster document loading
    • Decreased memory usage
  • Reduce edit history size (undo/redo) to 5 for lower memory usage
  • Preview/Rendering (All):
    • Rework of theme, font-size and font injection
  • Preview/Rendering (Markdown):
    • Blockquote theme based styling
    • Blockquote RTL compatibility


  • Crash when Markor put to background and huge file is loaded
    • Document contents are not stored into resume cache anymore if they are too big
    • Make no major differences for huge files, just undo/redo history is cleared when switchting away

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